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Never Ending War 🌟

​  It’s seems an never ending war, 

The success you want to be from the failure you are,

The status you want to be from the story you are,

The illusion you want to be from the reality you are,

The luxury you want to be from the necessity you are,

The weekend you want to be from the weekday you are,

The journey you want to be from the boarding you are,

The Socitecally settled you want to be from the chaotic mess you are,

  You see it’s an never ending war,

No matter how close you get you still be far. 

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​Dear Khahish 💓

Love, they say happens at first sight,
but I fell for the crafted you in my thoughts,

you were way before my imagination than the after realisation.

The imagination which feels jealous of realisation, for it took away its beautiful evenings to be the sunshine of my life.

You were there in those glowing lights the passing vehicles created,

Glimpse of which lasted for a second but forever, in the memories it crafted.

When I was I & you were you,

When everything around felt all new,

You were one of those very few,

With you it felt like many ages, I knew,

You were like ocean in my world of blue,

I was that broken stuff & you were sticking glue.

When I & You are still pretty new,

My stories would be incomplete without your clue.

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Passion Practicality ✌

​Passion ✌

Passion you see is where your heart belong,

To live it you need to take the practicality along.

That practicality which is the last resort to your passion,

Which makes sure you’re far away than other’s compassion.

What to choose has always been a daunting task,

It’s upon you either be a free spirit or wear that practicality mask.

It’s all about choosing between two regrets,

One, which if you let go, regret more, eclipsing the happiness of holding on to that other.

Passion or Practicality,

Choose what takes you closer to dreaming reality. 

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Being MS – Word ✌

​You were born to be MS – Word,

To be your very own & being that thrust of curiosity ready to be quenched.

To invent your own formula, pen down your own story, be the character you always wished to be.

You instead chose to be MS – Excel, finding your answers in between the cells, applying predetermined formula, doing the same shit over the years,

The Excel with the mindset of  ‘ = ‘ ,

By equaling U with other, You end up being often rather.

You were born to be MS – Word,
Let Excel apply it’s formula to quantify your success. 

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Dear Khahish 💓

You were like that ocean’s tide,

Which hustled it’s way taking everything aside.

Your presence was much like that blender’s pride,

Sitting beside it would take one out for a ride.

You were that all day thought, which ended up being night’s poetry,

Much like late night emotion which sunrised to be spoken poet’s oratory.

You were there everywhere yet nowhere,

The way you looked at me & kept on repeat,

It was no less the victory in my world of defeat,

All those precious expressions i embraced from besides seat,

Was one of the reason you skipped my heart beat.💓

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Human being rather Being human 🌟

​In times, when temptation to talk with someone

is sidelined by let the other be the first one.

In times, when remembering someone

is shadowed by why should I be the only one.

In times, when appreciating someone’s efforts,

is overtaken by even I would’ve been that support.

In times, when she can do that better,

is shoed down by she isn’t supposed to be that greater.

In times, when his loving nature & character,

Is overlooked by his qualifications & money is all that matter.

In these times, my friend, emotions seems trapped &  relations been struggling,

For now the trend is of being human, 

No one cares to be a human being.

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Depressing Depression ✌

​Depression, my dear is nothing but Compression of one’s desire,
To do well all u need is a bit of fire,
The fire within which makes you feel Alive,
Don’t loose hope, you’ll be more than just survive.
A big chunk of what worries you today,
Will be the speech of conquer you deliver one day.
Drugs, drinks & weed are absolute fatal,
You alone are capable enough to conquer the battle.
Suicide, my friend is being coward,
Your family deserve a far better reward.
People, time & shits come for a reason,
Stop blaming yourself in the thought’s prison.
You, my friend are not alone in this battle,
Atleast you by accepting the truth,
set apart from the cattle.