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Lady by my side

They say in little things you find
life’s true pleasure. This stands true
to what I was a bliss spectator today.

As a routine on an evening walk towards mini sea shore, I had this craving to taste some malai kulfi at the very famous supreme, there I met this beautiful couple,very early in their relationship, riding on a bicycle they reached there, with wife sitting at front the front rod holding the grocery they had bought for to take care of dinner.

The lady was very happy to be finally there & was glancing through the menu board, by the time her husband would realise she had made a choice with what she would go for. The guy was nervous & exhausted as it seemed he had just come from his work, while her wife was about to order two kulfis for both of them, he asked her the get only one, as he was left with a few bucks, the lady took him to the side & whispered something in his ears, that made him at ease, she took out some change from her pocket which could buy the 2nd kulfi. The guy at that moment was very emotional as his eyes could speak, he had this feeling that he couldn’t afford the 2nd kulfi, but at the same time he was happy to be blessed with the partner who understood him & was very supportive & encouraging.

Till the time the kulfi was being served, the lady held his hand & was talking all the good moments they shared & how she had saved those extra bucks to get that kulfi. This conversation was filled with so much of love & gratitude, it made me stand there & slower my speed of gulping kulfi. One the other hand there was this happy moment to cherish, the way the lady was looking towards him & was enquiring as to how was his day was so beautiful to see.

As the kulfi arrived, she fed the first bite to him & then he fed her the second.. This was so picture perfect stuff, as you would see in typical bollywood movies, but what had the charm, was this soulful bond they shared. The way she made him comfortable, the way she made him forget the fact that he couldn’t afford the 2nd icecream, the way she held his hand & stood closer to him to just make him realise how deep she loved him, & no matter what he would always have her beside.

At times, when relationships survive on looks, lust, status, lifestyle, to see something of this kind reinstates your faith in love. I was having this conversation with my mom when i last met her, as to life, love, marriage, she was describing that how hard the things have become to find a girl to get married, how it starts from the guy’s education, his salary, travels through his relationships, whether the parents will stay with him after marriage, the property share he would be getting & the list goes on.

At times when one settles for a Seven digit salary, good looking guy, nuclear family, abroad settled, out there is this love too, which is happy to sit on the front rod of bicycle, hold your hand, love you for who you are, embrace your shortcomings. Be there with you through every good & bad. The guy was blessed have her besi

This rawness is what reinstates your faith in love.

Love that complements you,

Love that completes you.

Settle for nothing less.

Lady by my side ♥️

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How Much For Your Courage ⭐

Life is lived by those holding the thorn have the courage to be the rose. Courage to dream when your surrounding scream. Life has this penchant of being the mounument in that very moment. Some people inspire by their words, some by action, but some people inspire by their silence. Silence when endless words are round the corner, silence when every attempt to rise seems a blunder, silence when sky if dreams fumble amidst thunder.

This story is about a girl, selling groundnut (Shenga) roadside. I landed up there to have some tea at beside stall. She with her father was standing there warming the groundnut, still a teenager her eyes had this stunning silence which is bound to turn your head twice. As i was sipping the adrak marke tea, there she was standing warming the groundnut & unpacking some more packet to add the base. What amazing was her father kept on asking her not to unpack shenga packets, its already 8 pm, noone will land to buy these, but then she was preety sure on her instincts, amidst all these what was striking was her unfiltered belief that something big is round the corner & her father was planning for the next morning, how to deal with the unsold stuff.

In between her belief & her father disbelief, there landed up a customer, who bought majority of the groundnut, he was in a hush hush, travelling with famiy, he said bhaiya garam shenga hai, pack kara dena, & then there was this girl with the brightest possible smile out there, & with that radiating belief in her eyes packing the stuff for the customer. Her father was a bit amazed, to find out all his worries which was building up from past 2 hours, making him restless was now evaporating amidst his disbelief & his daughter’s courageous belief. Her silence in beginning, throughout & at the end was something many of us are not used to, maybe her silence is what makes her stand out.

But then the happiness in his eyes to be defeated by his daughter’s belief was everything a father is known for. & then there was me watching out this whole episode of silence, courage, dreams & belief. The belief that something good is round the corner, belief that all it takes is a Moment to drone away the monument of worries. Her courage in waiting, her silence in preparing was something so inspiring that it made me write this tribute on her. & as was left with no option than to ask her how much for your courage?

Dream as if it’s happening doesn’t matter, believe as if its round the corner, execute as if its the next big thing waiting with open hands to hug your courage. Silence is the courage not everything out there leverage.

Amit Baspure ⭐

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The Tribe Vibes ♥️

Life has this penchant of showering upon you new memories, memories which are testimony of how life was ever meant to be. You meet people, share the vibes, some you find with the exact wave length some sail only on hightides, some stick to what they convince their heart to be, not what their heart reciproctes in turn. But then everyone of them has their own vibe, a few perceive their vibe, few form a tribe.

Past few days will be remembered for a long time to come. What was supposed to be a training of how you’re supposed to work, turned into what all you shouldn’t do while at work. We a bunch of 16 tried n tested souls were blessed with look a like trainer. It happened so almost a month back, we the unknowns were put ahead a twin monitors, & there was this sweet lady with the smallest possible laptop in the world, to polish us with some work. initially it was a bit of gao abhi abhi basa hai stuff, but once the luteras between us joined us, we turned it to gao basa nhi lutera aa gaye. It was accompanied with some in-between serious queries, some stupid jokes, some code words, some clock staring, some break hona matlab hona stuff. The 5pm wala snacks time was as good as religious preaching. In between huddle of bakchodi was the flavour of the town stuff.

There were birthdays to add that needed tadka, those biryani parties were subhan allah stuff. & the latte coffee laate lejaate routine was the showstopper. It was a blend of corporate thakela & college tequila.

I met a few, characters old & new, all were best, mad were few, with some I see future, with some I feel present, some were preoccupied, some were available for rent.

There were fights, at times vatavaran tight, there was vendiman, bit of unwanted gyaan, also was happiness, so was stress, there is a vibe, coz we are a tribe.

& then there was today, it had all the flavour of rest of the training days. Biryani from bismillah, chocolate cake from Belgium, bahot si masti aur sikhna bilkul kamm.

As we are on the verge of becoming a corporate kabutar, Ahead is monday staring, may everyone of us work like a clerk & earn like a perk. Wish all the success where it is due, & where it’s undue, toh best fit tagging kar do.

This is an emotion from my side, hope you feel the same. Lots of love

Perceive your vibe. AB ♥️

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Father – An open letter

Papa, we need to talk on this, we need to talk about you & only you for a while, we need to talk about your setbacks, we need to talk about your success, we need to talk about your married life, we need to talk of your fatherhood, we need to talk of your rapport with your mother & siblings, we need, we need to talk about you at first place.

When was the first time you felt proud about me being your son, what has been your driving force behind all of your self goals. Don’t you feel left behind in this all for feminism world? How long it has been that you haven’t cried, last time I saw you cry was at loss of grandfather. I know you’re an supreme actor, but even they get their fare share of e expressing themselves.

I know you were hurt tremendous when you heard of me of giving up on something, but there wasn’t any single clue of that feeling, instead you advocated go where your heart takes you. I know we don’t share a rapport as eventual as a father son duo, but the feelings are still the same, the stories are still the same.

We don’t talk for hours, we don’t hug each other so often, we share that old school montony, but then there is this art of knowing everything without directly knowing. We sort of play hide & seek with emotions, you hide away from me when you feel low, I seek for you when I feel low, which is very often.

I still remember my childhood through this picture, when I used to stand near staircase & waited for your to leave, so that I would ask for a rupee, which back then fethched four kismis candies, but then you being father, you offered ne with pocketful of kismis candies & on top of that an extra rupee to have that finger papad. I want to share this kind of bond with my son, I want to be a father like you & I expect my son to be a son like you.

Dad I want our call logs to be more frequent, I want them to gossip of our long duration calls. I know ours is not a cool dad son stuff, we’ll never share a drink together, or talk about girlfriends & sex, we are typically orthodox, but there is this magical beauty in the Orthodox bonding, bonding which is sort of passive, which is sort of caring behind the person, which is sort of emotions forever stored in heart.

Dad, I wanted you to know that there is this impeccable of a bond we share, is no less than an old time celluloid. I want you to scold me more often, to maybe vandalize my arrogance, my ego, my over smartness, my every evil. I want you still to consider me as a child, which I look though through my actions.

It’ll be selfish enough if I don’t return you something in return of what I want, I want me to more often make you proud, I want to more often talk to you, I want to be father like you & also a son like you, & also a husband like you, & also a brother like you, I want to be all of you.

All I want to tell you is, I’m still the same, the child standing near staircase, though I not demand now a rupee & kismis chocolates, but I’m still the same, I still fumble most of the times, I still need your hand holding my finger & listening to your stories of vikram & betal, & all those victories of good over evil. I wish to be as good a storyteller as you’re. I want a hug from you so firm, I what that spark to rejuvenate the orthdox father son duo we’re used to.

Lots of love ♥️

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Mocking Miraculous

You see, life has it’s own set of mockery, it’s own set of miracles. The things that you thought would turn into a miracle, turns out the mockery & the other way round.

When mockery turns miracle you rush towards all the credit, when miracle turns mockery you just hide away. Every miracle was once a mockery, some had a small share of mock, some had a large share of the mockery, but then those of them who had a large share, are now infact the miracles of the human civilization.

As a human being you’ll find many such instances where you’ll be the miracle, somehow, just like that, unplanned, unprepared, but you’ll embrace the fact, you’ll somehow plant a link between courage & consequences, when there is none such. It shows the fact that, you are open to ‘just like that’ miracles, but not ‘it just didn’t’ miracle turned mockery. We are open for credit but we aren’t open for the consequences.

Life is actually a bunch of mockery turning miracles, not at once, but one by one, not as a whole, but in bits & pieces, all does they expect from you is to stand by all them as you stand with the miracles.

You see, smart are they who know the difference between miracle & mockery, smarter are they who don’t differentiate between them, smartest are they who swing both ways ( Mocking Miraculous )

It is just a matter of time, or for that instance matter of circumstances, for your mockery to turn into a miracle, or your miracle to turn into a mockery. No matter on which end of the circle you’re, you’re but in a circle.

Hold on to your mockery for it is to turn miracle one day,

Embrace your miracle for it is to be a mockery one day.

Just be Mocking Miraculous..

Love You All

– Amit Baspure 🌟

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Becoming Of Dinesh Karthik

Life, they say is fair enough if you fare enough. Even if you fare enough, it sometimes comes down how enough you dare? Dare to dream even when the sky doesn’t belong to you, dare to dream when the wind is not in a mood to help sail your life’s ship. This is the story of the dare who dreamed to carve his own miniature.

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you dreamed it to be, it also isn’t the bed of thrones, if it were to be the bed of thrones, many of us would have crossed it in the hustle of achiveing something. It is more a runway of scroching heat & pleasent sweat. Many of us have the courage to walk the darkness only if we are able to see the slightest hope of light, but then to walk in the darkness even when its not sure if you ever will see the light, takes the courage of lions heart.

For the one who has debuted before the sensational MSD, & faired well enough to continue to release the national duty, life has not been a cake walk for DK. Everyone of us trains to be the ultimate No. 1, but then sometimes it doesn’t work out the way it ought to be, this is the space which differentiaties the champions from the contendars. To keep growing beside someone very supremly talented, to accept the fact that you’re the number 2, takes something special.

The knock he played recently speaks volumes about his temprament, his passion, his humbleness, his belief in his own way of doing things, his attitude of come what may. One who has evolved over the years, this knock of him is just another occasion to celebrate his mindset & in noway is the only occasion. One can’t help but admire his calm & composed celebration after the winning shot, for a moment he resembled like MSD, but then he was quite a Dinesh Karthik in his own style, in his own humbleness, in his own self belief, in his own courage.

He has been champion both in professional life & personal life, who has never let the parllel world affect his journey come what may, one who has dealt both succes & failure with humbleness.

The world celebrates the No. 1, the mindset is to admire the mindset of the ultimate, but then the world need more of a No. 2 mindset, to be able to stand strong through life’s ups & downs, to be able to accept the fact, work out the tact, lead the pact.

This article is the tribute to all the dreamers who believe in process of getting better with every day, with every opportunity.

If I were to choose between the skillset of winner or mindset of champion, I would anyday go for the mindset.

Skillset might take you to platforms, but mindset takes you to places.

Long live Dinesh Karthik 🙏

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Days These Days

Moving is an art when you feel not to, but it’s even a science when you aren’t able to. The show must go on they say, no matter you act on your own terms or you react on the script called life. You must move on eventually, there is no other way round. But then it is better to not at all move than to move in the direction you never meant to, but then to move or not to move is the million dollar emotion.

Time they say is both present that’s precious & past that’s haunting, it’s we who live it decide on to our faith packed in it. No one ever has had a present living in past. Sometimes you’ve to count on time, sometime time counts on you, sometime you & the present time count on past time of how beautiful it was back then, hadn’t it been now, god knows when. I’ve lived counting my moments, when everything seemed like made just for me, I’ve lived counting my days, when it seemed that I’m made for nothing, I’ve lived counting years, when it seemed I’ll be able live upto their version of me.

Through all the countings I’ve lived, I did whatever I was supposed to at that point of time. I didn’t turned it down completely, neither I tried to turn the table ably. But then I was somewhere in between, in between of glary & glory, in between of there & here, in between their’s & mine.

But days these days are different, difference isn’t in circumstances but it’s within. I might have lost the battle outside, but I’m still a warrior within, I’m still falling, I’m still not making sense, I’m still not upto what I see myself into. But then I’m out of what I didn’t see myself into. I’m not even on the road to myway but then I left the highway that wasn’t contributing to my roadmap of life.

Days these Days are a bit different, somewhat of me is still somewhere in past, but still somewhere in me dedicated to very present.