Becoming of swapnil patni 

There are some people who inspire by their talks, few people inspire by their work, but rarest of them inspire both the ways.. Some are born to read the script, some to follow the script, but some are born to write the script for others to read and follow.. Such is his personality and such is his horizon reaching impact.

Coming from a small village in maharashtra, this man has not only eclipsed the geographical divide but also the mental divide, one faces for being a small town boy. His journey of becoming a CA is not less than a roller coaster ride.. From flunking many a times to now guiding lakhs of aspirants all over India, is something commendable and worth sneaking.  

Though I reside in pune, but I never took classes from him, nor i know him personally, nor I listened him, but I listened about him and that’s what made me write up this tribute.. You can predict the grand personality of a person, If your thoughts battle with each other when asked for a one word description about a person.. He came, He observed, He learnt, He taught, and He conquered… He is an out an out inspiration of how one should conduct himself, how one should not limit himself to a predefined circle..


  • Growth they say is measured in terms of a particular dimension, but some grow as If they never learnt to shrink infornt of any or many challenges, well that’s what his PAN India presence resemble. His talks inspire MANY, his actions inspire ANY, because he never fails to inspire DESTINY. 

To all those who blame their educational background or the environmental background, and also to those who showcase their convent superiority, his achievements are the rubber stamp of how a small town boy can go all guns blazing.

His story is no less than fairytale or a south Indian well scripted movie, in reality or realms of possibility many few can inspire as many as he has in the shortest possible time.. The pace at which he is growing will give a nightmare to even the fast and furious team.. Success sparkles from his sweat both when is work in and work out (excersie) ..

 His affection for his mother and his mother’s sacrifice in making him the brand swapnil patni is no less than a old bollywod script.. His generous front is the least known but has the every needed recipe to inspire many.. He runs his own NGO and donates to many others.. 

As many of the greats started their journey from a single room, his journey to started from a single classroom eventually growing to eclipse the geographical divide by spreading all over India, Dubai and Nepal. Many Rankholders credit him for their success and many orphans credit him for their living.

He is the perfect role model of how one should be, should conduct himself, and the growth model which needs to be enacted in strategic management syllabus soon..

This article is a fanpost and a modest tribute to the Man with dreams, who helps many others to conquer their dreams, be it professionally or personally.. Who is an inspiration for everyone out there and a lesson for every small town boy to not bother about the shortcomings..

Long Live Sir swapnil patni and keep inspiring generations by your talks, actions and generosity..

CA Swapnil Patni is a PAN INDIA CA professor, philanthropist and a larger than life personality.

A Tribute to the inspiration from an unknown, unmet fan 



The Eyes on the other side of footpath 

They say beauty and intelligence knows no superiority… Age is just a number, but it is sometimes also an integer which embarks oceans of wisdom.. Someone follow the benchmark others define them.  This superiority shit prevails due to You and me collectively we.. We divide people based on their economic character.. But as they say ‘ let millions things sail away, there are still few things money can’t buy.. This story is of a small girl sitting road side, with those beautiful eyes and elegance which would give even everyday parlor beauty a run for their money, and that courage of a warrior, that dream in her eyes, and that care for her sibling in her heart, and that grit to do all things at her hand..

It so happened yesterday, I finished with my college internal mcq’s and left the college in a hush hush to catch the bus towards, the bus started, and by God’s grace I occupied the Window seat, these Window seats saga has always been special for me, so was y’day, it happened so, the bus stop at the nal stop (pune) signal for quite a few minutes.. As I have a special softhe corner for little sweethearts(girls), my wandering eyes stopped on a girl sitting roadside, obeying her mother’s command to sit at one place and take care of her 3 siblings… The girl aged somewhere around 6 years was so matured, it took me to the days when I was a total blunder.. Thone beautiful eyes caught my attention instantly, I have this nack of reading eyes, that’s what my friends say, the very first reaction I jumped upon was, Dreams in the eyes and courage in the heart.. The way she took care of her 3 siblings simultaneously, and was also there was lying her open book, which she was reading.. Seeing this at this age from the girl of that age, believe me is a treat to eyes and boost to dreams.

This observation lasted for a minute or two, but as they say the most lovely things last for the fraction of seconds, but those lasts for the remaining fraction of life.. The adversities of her life never broke her, the shortcomings of her parents never ashamed her, the desired but yet unlived life never made her sad, the act of her asking   money to random people never ashamed her, the unanswered questions which she asked, never stopped her to find it out on her own..

Not many of us could even survive, in comparison of her cherished living.. How many of us would embrace the shortcomings of our parents, it’s easy said than done, how many of us could take care of our siblings at the age when we ourselves are in utmost need of Care and love..

Life pours in incidents of wisdom everyone round the corner, only if you posses that shade of gravitational force u could absorb the same.. 

There was one frame within which she was observing a girl of similar age sitting in a suv with her parents and was playing with her father, that spark in her eyes when she was observing, was something worth watching, her eyes were filled with joy not jealousy, her smile was filled with courtesy not competence, her heart was beating for a better future not hard the hard past… This interaction of eyes lasted hardly 15-20 seconds but what it taught me even the formal education will never in 15-20 years..

Not many of us has this courage to cherish the past, work out the present, celebrate the future.. Her maturity at that age is something very commendable and very rare to see in today’s world, where a teenager slaped his father for notime gifting him an I-phone..

The respect in her eyes for her mother, who was busy playing the drum to entertain people, in order to earn some bucks, said volumes about her upbringing… 

The love in her eyes when she was taking care of her three siblings, was probably something she learnt from her mother.. 

The curiosity in her eyes when she was simultaneously studying was something which could make even the convent brats feel lower

The self esteem and dream in her eyes when she was asking for the contribution from people, was something which replicated both the desire to get out of this phase of life, and at the same time accepting her past and embracing her present..

It made me feel ashamed remembering of my childhood dramas of how I troubled my parents for anything I demanded, and how badly I fought to fulfill my desires.

It is also the tight slap on the people face, who feel ashamed of their parents economic status or dreadful past.. 

Accept the past, embrace the present and dream of the bright future. Keep the artist in you alive no matter what

Cause only an artistic soul is capable of looking beyond horizons.. 

God bless all

Amit Rajshekhar Baspure 

They say an artist is one who can see beyond horizons, read between lines, seek smile behind faces, hear beyond said, and talk beyond heard.


Years passed by, decades evolved, but one thing is there to stay forever, that’s our reliance on our father.. There is a saying in marathi ‘For every small thing or mishap we recall our mother, ‘Aaiga’ but for every bigger or furious thing we recall the father ‘Baapre’..  may be it bolloywood movies orelse roadside fights or some serious deals to be cracked, one punch line is common, ‘Tu nahi janta mera baap kon hai’.. That comfort zone we get into or that added feather we get is an amazing feeling… Mere papa hai na, mere papa kab kaam ayenge, mere papa sab set Kara denge.. No matter whichever the occasion is, a father is always there to make sure your ship sails through.. But as they say, not everyone is blessed enough to get the due credit they deserve, some people are there to just play the role of ‘man behind the curtain’ but even the play called life begins only after curtain is raised… 

Father is a much more understated word, as compared to others roles.. Baap, papa, baba, dad, vaalid sahab, appa; no matter whatever u may refer him with, but the selfless beat from  the golden heart with in is similar. The instant secured feeling u get when you just hear his name is in itself testimony to his sacrifices..

The relationship between a father and son is the one which can’t be described in words.. 

He is the one who never displays his love for you, but deep inside he loves you to the moon and back..

The man who always postponed his necessities to let my luxuries peek in, he is my father.

The man who never shouted, I repeat never shouted, on all the bullshits I did over the years and still, he is my father.

The man whose mobile phone stayed always brand new, even if it’s majorly not working to just gift me a mobile on my birthday, he is my father

The man fought with his wife, his parents, and the world, whenever I was being punished for a blunder, he is my father.

The man who always managed to be happy, no matter what he is going through, to just not let the family to know about, he is my father.

The man who took me to every possible outing, and proudly refereed me as his son, he is my father.

The man who is the first of them to arrive with sweets to celebrate my success, he is my father.

The man who buried his emotions in hard times and was rock still throughout, to just not let the family to tumble, he is my father…

The man who counted his failures and blunders, to not let me feel ashamed on my failures, he is my father..

The man who is half living his life to let his son live the life he always desired of, he is my father.

The man who always cherished my shortcomings and always made me realize no matter what, life goes on, he is my father 

The man who literally shoed away all suggestions of not having me as a third baby, he is my father…

The man who lived his second life eclipsing the first one for the family, he is my father..

The man whose honesty n integrity never shrinked, come what may, and who imparted the same to his children’s, he is my father 

The man who cherished mine habit of peeing in bed while sleeping beside him, and woke up every morning with a smile to not let me feel ashamed, he is my father.

The manon who always backed my decision, no matter how worst it was, always up with the punch line ‘ galti nhi karoge to sikhoge kaise, he is my father..

The man who always blamed ICAI after hearing my failure in CA exams, deep inside he too knew that somewhere the fault is within is his son, but for the sake of not adjudicating me as failure, who always held me above of everything else, he is my father ..

The man who understands my problems in my silence, he is my father..

The man who always receives my call with a smile and that welcome note, boliye sahab, he is my father..

The man who on every call I did, ended up with saying, don’t worry, no matter what you’re a champion, and your future is bright, even after hearing the shame worthy blunder I did, he is my father..

The man whom I speak not very often, and even when I do, those are the shortest lived conversations, but still full with love, care and guidance, he is my father…

This article is a modest tribute to my father and all father’s out there, who are pouring their heart in for the family, and who are always there from our side no matter where the world is..

Keep showering the unconditional love…

Amit Rajshekhar Baspure 


Many of you might be confused about the title, how come one can be aborted after her birth.. These two are sort of mutually exclusive events, one probable disables other.. But life has its own sort of script which can enact both villain and hero hand in hand.. Villain turned heros are appreciated but when a hero changes his shade it in itself changes the course of destiny..

Life is said to be a battle where you’re the ultimate winner until you lose, but there are still many who were given life just to watch the battle as a mere spectator, there part is restricted to the fence, outside which the world lies but inside it lies their world.. the world where they’re playing the guest appearance, cause someone else is busy deciding what’s good for them…

Abortion is a heinous crime, where you snatch away the right to breathe, but then the abortion following birth is much more cruel cause it snatches away the reason to breathe… Thanks to some of the fucking traditions, where pride and prestige overtakes the basic right of an human being.. You have no right to decide to whom your baby girl will marry, child marriage is as heinous as abortion, you basically deal your girls future for your promise,prestige,pride or call what may.. 

The soul which exists just to please you, the soul which exists just to make you proud, you return her with the eyes on the barometer of your pride n prestige.. You are snatching away her reason to breathe, who knows given a chance she might be the next big thing, who knows given a chance, she might be the only reason someone will remember you, as her family.. Who knows, given a chance she might turn stop those tears from the eyes worried for the son… 

Many a rituals are followed where the deal is cracked between people even before the child takes birth.. Your girl my boy, my boy your girl… These people with this mentality are no lesser worst than any villain in a bollyowood..

 You aborted a girl when you discriminated your children based on their gender.

You aborted a girl when you decided her faith, which God was meant to.

You aborted a girl when the barometer of your love and pride was inclined more towards your son rather your daughter.

You aborted a girl when your deep pockets turned empty when it came to fulfill your girls basic needs.

You aborted a girl when you discriminated her on the basis of ladka hi iss parivaar ka bhavhish hai, without even knowing the willingness, throw away the IQ level.

You aborted a girl when your senses responded to her sense of achievement on a lessites happier note.

You aborted a girl when you screamed at her and questioned all probable when she was a bit late arriving home, and the welcome smile you offered ( launda apna hai) when your boy returned after a nightout .

You aborted a girl when you made a checklist while making her friends, but you were okay with your son roaming around with taporis.

You aborted a girl when you asked her to not wear revealing clothes, while you didn’t have the guts to scream at your boy who would stare even a fullfledged dressed girl.

You aborted a girl when you screamed at her when she was talking to her male friend over phone, but you cherished the all night calls your son had with a girl.

You aborted a girl when she was the one to ask a sorry no matter what happened and no matter how hard the justice prevail slogan was crushed.

You aborted a girl when the opinions of your relative about her mattered more than her explanation.

You aborted a girl when you mapped down her world inside a fence, while you left it on your son to map his own world.

You aborted a girl when her curiosity was crushed down under the name of necessity of the family ‘to give best possible education to your son’

You aborted a girl by pushing her into marriage at teenage, just to keep your promise made with a known one.

You aborted a girl when the barometer of your pride swong hard enough when you proved your would be son in law a villain and then you whole heartedly welcomed your would be daughter in law showcasing your open mindedness.

You aborted a girl when u compelled her to be quiet and go through the hell in her marriage, just because you can’t handle the badnami 

You aborted a girl by ignoring her issues when she needed you the most, by simply labeling life is harsh.

You aborted a girl when you asked your daughter in law to sacrifice her career to let please all your demands and you freed your son from all responsibilities in the name of career.

You aborted a girl when you pressurized her to not lodge a complaint of the rape, just because it will demenish the name n fame.

You aborted a girl when you convinced her to not open up about the abuse she faced from the known one..

As they say it takes nothing to be parent of a boy, but it takes a person with substance, a kind heart, a evolving mindset to be a parent of a girl.. 

Be assured enough that your girl will not be ashamed of being your daughter. work your heart out to give her the freedom she deserves and let her the reason to breath to exist to flourish and to overshadow all your ‘she can’t’ thoughts..


They say every good thing has an end, but if every end is a new beginning with them, then life cheers for every new arrival, maybe more than it did for the departure. Life has this tendency to run through the lovely things. The same happened in the ITT batch just ended. Actually batch the word doesn’t justify the memories we had there. But then ‘naam me kya rakha hai’, ehasaas hi sab kuch hai, kuch rishte naam ke mohataj nhi hote.

The roller coaster ride ended y’day, but I’m still not getting over it. That’s how I’m, it’s both the strength and weakness, that I can’t detach from a particular thing that easily. And specially when you’re with the people, for whom ur strength n weakness doesn’t matter, all that matters is the incomplete but the original you, then this detachment is much more harder.

The 11 am thumb impression and then the struggle to somehow find the best chair to sit on, which can easily be up n down on ur command, then the hush hush to find the AC remote to somehow start magcha AC, all this were not just activities, but it gave that I’m alive n rocking feeling. Then giving that attendance, waiting for someone to make a blunder to immediately start with the pick up lines, which were doing rounds in ur minds from d morning, giving that kab bahar nikalu (uneasy) feeling. Knowingly not bringing the water bottle, so that u get the chance to get up every half an hour to breathe the fresh air from the gallery and somehow contribute tof the clocks initiative. Then somehow surviving till the clock decided to be more grateful by reaching the lunch time. Following the girls who brought the tiffin, in my case I followed these two girls (snehal n prajakta) to have some delicious food n then the joy which u get from sneaking into others tiffin is something which even a dinner in Taj lands can’t stand with.

This was the routine for almost 20 days, y’day was a bit different, I purposefully visited the institute just to meet the guys officially for last time n with the work purpose too, that to submit hard n soft copy of ur presentation. The scene in the morning was like ‘ kya ye wahi bache hai jo ki kitaab ko haath nhi lagate’. N then there was me in the casual attire, sneaking here n there to feel that happiness of ‘mine is later. It’s the same feeling you get when your friend gets hitched n you’re still single n rocking. Ek alag hi majja hai sahab jab kandho pe Koi bojh na ho, aur dusre chide tumse..  now starts the hush hush, to find out a firm to do the articleship in, all the heard but unsaid sagas of life’s reality will have the dominance 

I’ll miss all those lovely comments I heard nothing those which I feel you should’ve passed like ‘He Amit kiti bawalat ahe ga, manat alela bolta, agdi kahihi… Haa kuthun writer dista ga, ha tar south movie tla darde dil aashiq dista.. Ha ayushat kadhi sudharnar konas mahit, abhyascha A pan nhi karat ha n bla bla bla.. I can sense these cause these are common remarks I’m blessed with.. But one thing I’ll assure is that I’ll never change mag tumhi kahihi bola chlta. 

Somehow online exam got over n I was like kaash pehle 5 din miss nhi kiye hte to apni naya bhi paar hui hoti. That was the level of Sadbhavana n bhaichara was there while in exam. Then after that we moved on to have some snacks, mankar dosa was the place we went to, we had one last memorable meet there.. With first dosa n then cold coffee, adding the flavor was the khicha taani, everyone was busy doing n then the series of selfies. After all this joy, then arrived the moment when departure forced itself on the just arrived happiness. Everyone greeted with the promise to be in touch. But guess what this is the even bigger lie we speak, other than one we reply to the girl, you’re looking fabulous, to the dreadly questions she asks, jaanu kaisi lag rhi hun me?

Life will keep on evolving and then we’ll too go by its directions. But as they say better person is the one who ‘ remembers the road he once traveled, no matter even if he is now dealing in skies.

So with this, I wish all of you the bestest life has to offer and may you reach the heights, which is big enough to overshadow all your failures n small enough to let you be in sync with your loved ones.

God bless all 

Amit R. Baspure 

A tribute to the ITT batch no 358, where memories had the final say….


Every good thing evolves at a far more faster pace than the not so good stuff. I entered into this ITT batch because the Goa plan got cancelled at the last moment. Initially I was like kha aa gye bhai ye, but then as I’m having a knack of turning everything into a joyful event, it too followed the same path. The first day I remember, was the next day of results and I was just there to enquire if I can join, mam’s instant Yes was all I needed to land up in the batch. There I in hush hush drew the DD n entered the class in a sweat shirt and flippers with born n brought up beard. Everyone was like yeh kaunse baba aa gye. The first day somehow went in tolerating the excel for very first time.. The first thought I got entered the class was Yeh hai ITT- sab udaas chere and to transform into waa Yeh hai itt – kya haseen hasI hai, this journey was magical.

This journey wouldn’t have been this beautiful if I haven’t met some good at heart people. 

To start with is Ashok samrat- This guy is an out an out inspiration of how fearless one should be, his boldness towards life makes me feel jealous of him. His genuineness and that golden heart will make anyone fall for him. He is the guy who stayed the same from  what he is to what he was in those orientation days. I’ve known him very closely, and guess what our friendship is just 1.5 months old but it seems like from inception. 5 years down the line watch out for him doing something very big.

One such guy is – Narshing – This guy is perfect example of how one should face life with that broadened smile. His ever calm n composed attitude is worth an attention n then his genuineness is what separates him from the rest. He reminds me of my cousin. He is what I once was.

The next girl who helped me reconnect with those old good days is @Madhura – There are some people who can do wonders for you without even knowing you. She is one such girl, with that smile to die for and that simplicity to live for. She reminds me of a girl whom i admired a lot. With that ever smiling face and composed attitude, she is surely the one knocking the future head on 

The next girl is the Bow chika wow wow girl – laxmi – the confident and dynamic girl whose eyes resemble a dream to conquer every time you look at them. Confidence is the word which one could make out.. I sometimes wonder if I had that amount of confidence to fir me kahi ka nhi bachta, abhi itna besharam hun.. Jokes apart but look out for her 10 years down the line, she will be amongst successful leading lady. Mark my word.

The next girl is the most hard working I ever met- Sushmita- The amount of hard work which she puts in gives me a shame on me feeling everytime. Undoubtedly the most sincere girl in entire ITT batch.. She is surely gonna make big ahead n may God bless her in all her future endeavors.

The male version of sincerity is Omkar- his everytime May I, for questions asked in class is something commendable. The more knowledgble outside the more sweeter he is inside.. The ever friendly gesture and that smiling face, makes any girl go gaga over him. I sometimes wonder agar iske itna padh Liya hta to AIR 50 to aa hi jaata. full marks to his sincerity.

Somewhere between copying what mam did and underlining what she said the most most imp- Anuradha mam – one of the most kindest person cum teacher I met.. Her ever tolerating silence towards my stupidity and her ever smiling face towards a pick up line gone fine. She is an ideal person of how teacher should be. With that helping hand always ahead and those sweet things to talk about everybody makes her stand out from the ocean of teachers. I’m gonna miss her Amit Bala kahi tari Kara tantrum the most. 

Somewhere between those Ms-Access days where beta Yeh apne kaam ka nhi hair to those Tally days where the feeling was jeevan kitna Saral aur Sundar hai. From those kya yehi jeevan hai- Excel days to bas aise hi zindagi gujre- mark this most most important days.. We survived everything and I enjoyed every bit of this.

The batch we thought would be and the batch we showed how it can be.. The ever snoring patience to somehow see that clock to reach 1 and those detective eyes to sneak peek into others tiffin to justify that Jo mila wo kha lo kahawat and that rush towards the chaiwala after finishing dusre ka dabba was extra special.. Those pick up line i used in class reminded me of school days where ‘ apla viraam purnviram ‘ prevailed.  

Met some of the finest souls out there and then there was I ever sincere towards mauj majja and Kalla. The last bench gave memories to cherish and the smiles and appreciation I received for my jokes and some serious writing is what I’ll cherish for lifetime. 

I wish everybody out there a grand future ahead. Make me proud and I’ll make you super proud. Remember me as a friend to reach out for anytime 

God Bless All

Ameet R. Baspure 

The Girl With The Invisible Crown

It takes someone special to take you back to those smiling days.. Someone who is so elegant, that will give top models a run for their money. Someone who is so beautiful that even white colour walls turn into rainbow shades. Someone who is so silent, everything else besides her seems stopped still, no matter even if PM  Modi is infront and addressing a rally.. Someone who posses the cutest smile, which will make even disha patani fall in line…

This girl made me remember those old days, when laughter is what all mattered. That smile From known one was cherished more than a worldcup victory. ‘simplicity’ is where God exists’ is the point which anyone would reach after seeing her.. I normally don’t get carried away for a girl, but when I do, rest is history. It happened so I first saw her wearing a jhumka, thanks to my friend snehal who pointed out that jhumka and enquired abt.. Woh jhumka bas usi ke liye bana hai, was the reaction I gave.. I normally don’t believe in this fairytale shit, but She is the ‘Alice in the wonderland’ and the only cindrella out there.. Her smile is like the animation in MS-PowerPoint, no matter how many times you see, you feel amazed every single time.. Her eyes are so deep that it can feed in entire Excel workbook of 265 worksheets.. Her humbleness is like the formula in excel, which even after giving answer to toughest question, never showcase superiority. Her simplicity is like the game we play on Google search without Internet, minimum graphics maximum enjoyment. It can give many high end games a tough battle.. The hair strand which comes down on her cheek is like the dialogue box we get to give a particular command, with in which we enter anything to just see the dialogue box blink again.

She is the only happening thing in the unhappening ITT batch. Me dilko ko tasali dete hun ki chalo 4000 pure ke pure waste nhi gaye.. She is the one who can make me quite with her words and ghayal with that silence. She is someone who can give anyone that instant positive vibes with that precious smile.. Her smile in the morning will make the entire day fabulous. Me uski smile ke liye ‘seene pe goli kha sakta hun seene pe’ wo bhi hitler ki goli. 

Her silence is worth more than my continues uttering, her smile is priceless, while mine can be afforded by just a chocolate. She is the only girl in entire batch who has that amount of seriousness. Even when she is serious I can find her smiling, I can imagine that hair strand on her cheeks which she is gently roping behind ears.. She has broadened my imagination towards girls, towards life, towards meaningful silence, towards simplicity.. 

The aura she carries is no less than the queen of Buckingham palace.. Her kind heart resembles like the most important marking, which mam gives to help us deal with ITT.

She has surely helped me tremendously in imagining ‘how life partner should be’. If somebody asks me what all you expect in your life partner, I would simply just turn that person’s face towards her and ask him ‘what else you can expect?’

May god bless her with his choicest blessings.. And may that invisible smile inspires many more people.. May she find the perfect king of her life.. 

And may that smile light generations ahead…

This article is a humble tribute to the girl whose smile is so pretty which makes me recall those childhood days and makes me happy for no reason. That guy will be a chosen one who will be with her for lifetime..

Thanxxx and keep spreading love and smile.


Every coin has its two sides, but very negligible of us are fortunate enough to even know that the coin named nathuram was ever tossed.. The very fact of redundancy of education system holds its breath in this scenario.. In school days we were taught of every unwanted thing with its twists and turns.. In history we knew from aurangzeb to lord mount batton, who were outsiders and of least importance to us.. As India has this legacy of back stabbing the ones who inhaled every breath for the independence and betterment of mother India.. The greats of Subhash chandra base, tatyarao savarkar, many others to be named.. All these freedom fighters one side and Mr. Gandhi single handedly occupied the largest share of pages in the history of India.. 

The very line of Nathuram godse, No individual is bigger than Nation.. Nation first… Evidently speaks out volumes abt his patriotism.. Yes you read it right patriotism.. Patriotic enough to kill a person who was trying to be bigger than nation. Patriotic enough to standstill during the course of killing till he is hanged till death. Nobody of us is curious enough to know why he killed the father of nation.. How is that possible? Because we were raised with a lie, a lie that nathuram godse was a desk drohi, a lie that gandhi did everything without any personal agenda, a lie that gandhi was the instrumental person to get us independence, a lie that he was not interested in politics..

Nobody here is proving gandhi entirely wrong, he has done many great thing for humanity in his life, but that didn’t gave him the right to play with rights and emotions of people of India.. Even the court of law, doesn’t permit us to kill a person, if we saved other persons life.. There is no direct relationship in karma and dushkarma… The same gandhi who was instrumental in shaping Pakistan, is father of our nation. The same gandhi who sanctioned 55 crores to Pakistan in 1947, was not even fortunate enough that his mortal remainings was allowed to dispose in sindhu river. Sindhu river which was the iconic identity of Akhand Bharat, but gandhi gifted it bas ase hi to Pakistan. 

I sometimes wonder what mohmaad jinah did was much less than compared to what gandhi did for Pakistan, but as they say he was not a political favorite, jinah excelled in the race of father of Pakistan.

The same Nation which gave every individual the right to be heard,whatever may his crime be, his views were brought forward to people, failed miserably to bring forward the views of son of the soil.. The person who ended the other person who literally occupied entire share in history, was offered with a single line in history.. How pathetic that sounds? 

For the very sake of not exposing gandhis Ill works, the deeds of nathuram were evaporated..  who is this nathuram godse? The very firsthe reaction comes to our mind is Anti national, Desh drohi.. The ever genius curiosity of us which literally broke every level to know how solar system works, how mankind came into existence, was a blatant blunder when it stopped on nathuram godse.. A why he is desh drohi? at that time would have cleared all the misconceptions about the coin named nathuram godse.. Who is to be blamed for this blunder? Well it’s 70-30.. 70 because the historian’s were not genuine enough to show us the other side, and 30 because we were dumb enough to not question that much needed WHY at the needed much THEN.. 

What was his crime? His crime, he was a hardcore patriotic person. His crime, he was not a blind gandhi follower. His crime, he challenged gandhi thoughts. His crime, that he killed a person who was trying to double cross the nation.. The very judgment the judge gave was banned till last 10-15 years.. Where is that satyamev jayate? Where is that Adarshwadi gandhi vichardhara?  Where is that democracy left in India? The very statement of hounarable court  speaks volumes about the patriotism he possessed. ‘ If people were allowed to give judgement, you’ll be set free with the majority’. Howz that for a harsh truth.. What is judicial system? It’s the replica of society, people from society runs this system.. The very fact that the S.P Shiekh who interrogated godse, was a big fan of him.. His last words with godse were, I planted this rope in your neck, I’m the culprit in the judgement of hanged till death. The daughter of S.P sheikh who was a hardcore Muslim, kept flowers everyday in the courtroom where nathruam used to stand. This very fact also highlights that he was not just a hardcore Hindu activist, he was a hardcore nationalist.. 

Why he killed gandhi? He was emotional enough to feel the pain of Hindu migrants who were killed, raped in large numbers. He was the person who belonged to majority community who were literally crushed down infront of arrogance of gandhi. He was the man, who was unfortunate enough to see his mother’s and sisters get raped, molested, killed and dragged till death. He was the nationalist, who felt his nation was getting cheated and the gandhi force was eclipsing the ever rising sun of Independent India. He was son of the soil who repayed the deeds of mother India, to keep her United.

Both Gandhi and Godse resides in us, we should be wise enough to use whom, when, where and to what extent?.. Being a gandhi in battle field is utter nonsense, being a gandhi while facing injustice and crushing years of sacrifice. Being a godse, while matters can be solved by interacting is utter bullshit, being a godse for the sake of godse is utter nonsense… Be a godse when the nation needs you and be a gandhi when humanity needs you.

The writer is not here to prove someone write or wrong, he has expressed his own viewpoint on the entire scenario of gandhi killing.. It’s upon you to decide who was who? And who did what? 

But everyone of us should make sure that coming generations don’t grow up in the ever eclipsing shadow of gandhiwad which eclipsed the ever rising sun of independent India…There are many more heroes, martyrs who deserve same respect as gandhi deserved, if not more.. But as they say not everyone is fortunate enough to be called as a father, who always gave impartial treatment to his own childrens over step childrens..

Wriver – Amit R. Baspure 


They say ends are the saddest, but if every moment lived with them is a new beginning, then the

end ends itself to let those new memor



So was the last day of orientation batch, a bit emotional with love for another in air.. The breakfast that day might also be thinking ‘ ab ye kamine fir nhi aayenge’.. And the last session where we sang washing powder ‘Nirma’ title song and ghadi detergent song, was the session to remember for lifetime.. So sadly we embarked on the end of session and group selfie sneaked into our lives. So we bunch of guys gathered downstairs fully emotional yet serious abt dream plan of Rajgad fort trekking. 

So I circulated the resolution to be passesd and we started discussing the How, When, Then part of trekk.. We first decided to start on 26 Jan early morning, and the deal was finalised.. But as they say if you’re surrounded with crazy people, No deal is done till its done.. The ever wondering yet closed minds started planning about new ways to get that ultimate kick.. And we finally reached on the decision to get together at sarasbagh sharp 5 pm..  Two of guys, Naved and amol left us on reaching the first decision.. We all felt sorry for them for rescheduling the departure time.

I managed a bike somehow, thnxx to my friend Nayan. So as I has this quality of ‘sab jagah aage aage’, I left flat around 3 pm n reached ICAI office to meet Ashok n we both went to everyone gathered, 4 bikes and 9 hikes.. We started the journey, as I had the strongest of them all – pulsar, I owned the responsibility of riding a tripsy.. So we somehow managed to escape the Mamulog till we connected to highway.. And then as u know pulsar is best at… Broom broom we rode till toll naka of bangalore highway exploring the scenery it had to offer.. And in between near katraj tunnel, destiny once again greeted us with highway mamus.. Thank to raghvendra as he quickly got down and walked a distance to hide that tripsy scenes… Of we went on further journey, chidaing other to reciprocate their tantrums.. We got down of highway entered the village area.. There is something so fascinating and bonding about villages… Anyone of us could easily think atleast once to ‘sab chod chadke, apna aashiyana yehi basate hair, but very few of us has that courage to do.. 

Then our stomachs were like ‘beta pyaar mohabbat sab dhoka hai kuch kha le abhi mauka hai… And hunger and bear has had a history of connecting souls… We stopped at a hotel and ordered food to respect our hunger voice.. Tastier food infused that instant energy and enthusiasm in us and of we went on final slot of reaching rajgad… Sat behind me this time shivshankar, we both share same taste asfar as movies are concerned, our love for RHTDM was enough to start singing that evergreen ‘ zara zara’ song, few mukhde were done, and we were so lost in feeling that song, that we couldn’t figure out the dimensions of road, and then there came a man with 4 people on his bike, and a bakri in between them and also accompanied was the food for cows, furious and in his own flow accomodating entire road, the mishap was bound to happen, but we somehow escaped and lightly fell down in slowest motion possible.. Then the ‘tu janta nhi main kon hun’ session started  and we asked sorry to not spoil awaiting night.. And then there we reached the destination ‘rajgad Fort downstairs it was.. We all were exhausted and parked bikes,off went to nearby temple to take some rest… Then our creative and hungry staff headed by shiv and nagpurkar went to nearby hotel to eat something and to know about trekking.. The hotelier was smart enough to sense their stupidity and fear to do something exciting and started with his own theory of trekking, the difficulties, wildest animals, bhatakti aatma, safed saadiwali, all these shit was more than enough to take us to ‘ fatt ke hath me aa gyi’ moment.. But as they say life’s biggest treasure is in conquering your fears.. We started the trekking accompanied by other group of three people.. Initial 5 minutes were quite enough for the inverself to tease us by murmuring ‘ Beta tumse naa ho payega’.. So short breaks filled in that void.. We were also accompanied by a dog cum friend, who was with us the entire time.. The darkness of night and the all that hoteliers shut didn’t stopped us from hiking up.. We then decided to have some midnight snacks and bonfire was elated, then started the topic, what you feel about everyone, i heard some very genuine and loving opinions about self.. And I too gave some lovely opinions. Then arrived the happiest of them all part, we started to dance on zingaat song, in the midnight darkness but the innerself smile was much brighter to enlighten the entire region..we had the gala time dancing on that song.. We resumed trekking and with the narra of Jai bhavani Jai shivaji to energize guess, we somehow arrived the midpoint, a beautiful temple of Goddess bhavani, we decided to call it day and started to convince the body to get some rest.. Then as the chull factor in us was high enough, we got outside the temple, to experience bon fire, our creative staff member dheeraj arranged the sticks n some Sukha grass and then the match box did what it is known for ‘aag lagan diya’, much better from RGV ki aag.. Raghvendra had brought chakli, so it took moments for us to be on concensus to have that chakli with that shekoti.. Talks started and lasted till the chakli lasted, and then around 2.30 am,we decided to enter in coz of ever sailing cold breeze.. Then nagpurkar had his say inside, with his nonstop snoring, we felt like we were in a battle field.. Somehow we managed to sleep n got up at 6 in morning, so we got fresh and then had a garma garam chai, the slightest rays of hope were stared emerging, so we hurried n finally started the last slot of reaching that ultimate goal, so as we climbed a bit, the Surya devta blossomed to give us the sunrise of the year.. Everyone was lost in feeling and reliving that sunrise.. The photo session started n as I take initiative in everything, I posed for literally everything, no matter camera was facing me or not… 

Then there arrived the villagers, all dressed up in white clothes for flag hosting, as soon as we saw them, we ran to participate in what was the grandest ever flag hosting of our lives.. The breath of air waved by the Tiranga,  was exhaling the patriotism like never before and the Bharat Maata ki jay, regained it’s due importance at that moment.. With that gulaal at forehead and that every single breath of patriotism we inhaled, we felt no less than the soldiers.. The feeling was top notch, one you want for entire lifetime.. It also indicated the driving force of our soldiers who get charged up by just hearing bharat maata ki jay, and sacrifice their lives for Mother India.. Then after the glorious flag hosting, we moved on to face the yet toughest part of hiking, so by the jayghosh of bharat maata and chatrapati shivaji maharaj, we climbed the toughest part to experience the most beautiful scenery ever from the topmost peak.. You suddenly feel like a warrior who has just conquered the fort in a hard fought battle.. Such is proud feeling you get once you are there at the top.. I imagine what they must have felt, by conquering our forts from enemies.. That feeling is wildest to imagine.. We then arrived towards the saffron flag, to feel it by holding and waving it like a warrior.. Those 30 odd minutes were result of those hours of patience we had while climbing.. It also points out the beauty of life, ‘have patience by feeling the unwanted, to ultimately feel the ever wanted’.. After all this proud part, then started the debacle, to go ahead or not to go ahead.. Then our esteemed faculties brought their own view points on table Ifs n buts started flying, and nagpurkar (pravin) got into the medical technicalities of going ahead.. He was the most unfit guy on the trek, even he agreed to this point… The way he took the help of medical symptoms to keep his point is something even doctors will not utter.. He was like,if you walk even for 5 min extra then the sugar level will come down n BP level will go up, and we guys were like WTF man.. But as they say difference of opinions is beauty of a group.. We respected his opinion and sat down to take some rest.. Then was the moment most calm and silent one.. The song which strike the chords was from a marathI movie we all recently went to, and the lyrics were something more connecting.. ‘kitida navayane tula athavave, dolyatle paani navayane vahave.. The asshiq front of us was on rise, everybody started walking down the memory lane of their first love.. Some walked, some pretended, some laughed seeing others walk down.. But the feeling was heart wrenching and was dil ko dilasa de gyi moment for us..our creative team once again had their say, we played the song once again and we shooted the reactions of everyone… Pin drop silence and that aashiqana was in the air, as I had a history in this qualification, I somehow controlled my emotions to not let down.. As the song ended the pin drop silence sustained for minutes, then as we looked each other, that smile of satisfaction everyone of portrayed was THE MOMENT OF THIS TREKK. We then began to climb down, the thought which emerged instantly was ‘lo beta ab lag gaye’ majak majak me ban gya Abdul razzak’ we somehow managed to get down till the midpoint by help of water and nimbu paani, as we arrived near temple, the last night we rested, we sat down taking support of wall.. Ordered poha and started sharing the experience of trek, as soon as poha arrived, there was again pin drop silence.. Everyone was so focused on their mission poha, that nobody uttered a single word till the mission was accomplished.. After that we started to embark on the last session of trekking.. As we walked down, most of us slipped and fell down, maybe that’s how life bowls the bouncers.. Kabhi khushi Kabhi gam.. We also met some fellow trekkers who just started to climb up in that scorching heat, maybe it was gods indication to makeus realise the benefit of starting early, and the perks of following your heart… So as we finally neared the end part, we met a grand mother, who was climbing all alone to sell nimbu paani, as soon as she saw me, she asked beta nimbu paani loge kya, bhauni kar first reaction was OMG, I was stunned for a moment, we just had sugarcane juice and I said, aaji he kahi paise theva, amcha piun jhala..Her spontaneous reaction spoke volumes about her character, never say die attitude, what she said is a lesson for all of us to remember, beta, abhi me khud kamake kha sakti hun, apko paise ke badle nimbu paani lena hi padega… That determination and courage, self esteem at the age of 90+ is something commendable… This very incident took everyone of us back and made us think how cruel sometimes god can be.. We then started to flow out our anger on her childerns, who are not even capable of taking care of their parents at such old age.. It was the meet to remember for life.. We then arrived at the base point of rajgad.. The moment we got down, we saw a group of Lord krishna devotees offering sweets on the occasion of republic day.. The very first reaction was like, Lord krishna has acknowledged our efforts and sent his angels to feed us with prasad… We had that delicious sheera and rested there for few minutes and then while leaving we thanked the brothers who took the noble cause of distributing sweets on republic day.. 

So the return journey towards pune was a quieter one, maybe because everyone of us was relieving those precious moments one final time…  

It was really a roller coaster ride of emotions to cherish for lifetime

Thanksss to bunch of guys who made this eventful trekk possible.. 

Love you all to the moon and back

Amit R. Baspure 


Love is the purest emotion one can pass on to someone.. Sex is an extension of love not a substitute for love.. Love is what one can sense without even touching the other person.. Where as sex has everything extended after.. Love inculcates passion, patience, loving soul, feelings for the other like the other.. Anything and everything said about love falls short cause of the purity it possess.

In this era of ever increasing sex making, love making has lost its plot.. People judge a person’s capability or popularity by no.of times he has slept with a girl, or no.of girls he has slept with.. Vasana has literally overtaken the purest emotion one posses.. Love is what one feel for someone.. Sex is what one feels with someone.. The word with someone speaks volumes differentiating the one from other..

Many of the teenagers are literally mentally forced into having sex with someone.. The ever popping questions, hey u had ur first sex? What still not, I had it 2 years back itself.. These lines are more than enough to drag any teenager into just having sex for the sake of sex..

Sex without love is like wasting your purest emotion for any random person.. We people are mediocre in many things but sex is one thing where everyone should be purest.. Just sleeping with anyone for the sake of running through numbers, is just like travelling in a metered auto not sure where to go… Love is one such emotion where we don’t have to proove anything.. The very word is the proof of your existence.. 

The other word which evolves with more speed than the word sex is just ‘casual relationship’ .. Hey my relationship with him was just casual you know! Sex was meant to be felt via love not via lust.. You slept with someone just casually… Well it’s an individual call but I personally believe in sex via love making.

Now recall the first time you had sex, it will bring a wicked smile to your face..Now just replace that person with the love of your life.. If the person is the same, you’ve done justice with yourself and then the emotion called love.. If the person differs, you just missed on the most passionate feeling you could have felt.. Imagine the level of satisfaction or joy you get just by seeing a person you truly loved… Now imagine the first ever sex you had was with him/her.. Life gives the first feeling only once, rest are just the followups.. 

Virginity is the next most stressed word in today’s world.. Many of us had sex just to get rid of virginity and be on the other side cimprising people who achieved big in life by losing virginity at younger age.. we participate in RAT RACE our entire lives in probably everything we do, but love was meant to stand in our own league.. Compete with ourselves, create new benchmarks. Don’t have sex just for the sake of sex.. If you are hush hush in everything find a person with whom you could lead the rest of your life and who could make sex feel pure love..

Don’t let your hunger for numbers reflect in love making.. It will happen and when it will happen it will be the most cherished feeling of your life.. Strive for love not for sex.. Love is endless, sex has its agetime.. May be when you grow older, the love between you keep the meter of life tickling not the sex you used to have..

Don’t let others hunger for numbers impact your ability of waiting for that right one to be in love with.. Don’t be at par in love, don’t accept a certain definition of love, and don’t let certain experiences shape the love.. We’ll have that patience in us to wait for the right person, we’ll also possess that selfishness to make the first time the best time.. Don’t just follow those depressed souls whose basic motive is to have sex…

Sex will last for minutes but love will be the
bed for lifetime on which sex brokedown with the intention of having the joy of lifetime within few rounds of clock..

As the nature has its own sort of rules and regulations, one of the rules it has is to be able to enjoy more than you deserve, be prepared to stay there for longer time than others..  you just can’t have the joy of lifetime in some moments, stay there as sex just repeats but love evolves, and the power of evolution can literally blow away your expectations..

Being an old school is the demand of the hour as far as sex is concerned.. Take the time of your life to begin the journey of lifetime with your life partner.. There is no glory in I had it first, I had it quite early, but glory lies beneath I had my first time with love of my life.. So be patient and selfish enough to wait for the right moment right person.. As they say love is not hunger, but it is the food which fuels the body called life..

I sometimes wonder, the people who take ages to accept a mere friend request, to the contradictory take moments to somehow wrap up there first time to just be able to register their name in the Also had list. There is no shame or shortcoming in having ur first time a bit late, infact be happy that you’re blessed enough to hold back the horses of temptation to let the wings of love fly..

Sex is the emotion where you completely let yourself to other person..Your soul merges with his soul to become WE from You and Me… To be able to attain that level of satisfaction you must love someone first with all you have and accept someone gracefully with all the shortcomings.. 

So the coming time may be its your FIRST TIME or NEXT TIME, make sure you’re indulging in sex via love n not let the bed you slept on, feel just the warmth of sex, make it feel the giving of love, the evolution of love, the becoming of WE from you and me.. Cause these are the feelings which will sail you through the ocean called life… Sex was never is never will never be the substitute for love.. It’s just an extension of love..  Reaching sex via lovemaking will be timeless.. But reaching lovemaking via sex will breakdown on the bed of lifetime.. Maybe indicating it’s not always about being there its about being anywhere but feeling of being there as WE..

Amit R. Baspure